Bonegraft /Powerbone products are indicated for use as a bone graft substitute for the repair of non-load bearing osseous defects created surgically or through traumatic injury and may be combined with autogenous blood and/or bone marrow. Please click for General Catalogue and Dental Catalogue.

Powerbone Granules

Powerbone Stick & Block

Powerbone Putty & Gel

Bonegraft Granules

Bonegraft Stick & Block 

Bonegraft Putty & Gel

Bonegraft Aspiration Kit


Bonegraft /Powerbone products are used at Trauma, Orthopaedic, Spine and Dental Surgery.

  • %100 synthetic

Contains no tissue of human or animal origin therefore carries no risk of disease transmission.

  • Osteoconductive

Provides a scaffold for new bone. Similar to to the mineral found inherently in bone.

  • Biodegradable

With its optimized porous structure and chemical compositon, Bonegraft /Powerbone products are suitable for the continuous remodeling cycle of healty bone. β-TCP resorbs over time and be replaced with bone during the healing process.

  • Safe

Bonegraft /Powerbone products are supplied sterile and CE-marked as a Class III Medical Device according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

  • Biocompatable and Sterile

Bonegraft / Powerbone is tested using:
Pre-clinical studies
Biocompatibility tests (in vitro and in vivo)
Biomechanical tests
Biodegradation tests
Bioburden and Sterility tests

  • Versatile

Available in granules, sticks, blocks, edges, putty and gel form at different sizes for different indications.

  • Microporous and Macroporous (Bonegraft /Powerbone Granules and Stick & Block)

The interconnectivity of porous structure and microporosity assist capillary motion of blood and body fluids, enhanced penetration for osteogenic cells, and ossification of the synthetic matrix. For Macroporosity, Bonegraft /Powerbone Granules and Stick & Block allows deep invasion of bone cells into the matrix. Bonegraft /Powerbone polygonal granules have different particle size between 0,25-7 mm. The irregularly shaped granules promote interlocking and improve mechanical stability.

  • Pre-filled Syringe and Excellent Handling (Bonegraft /Powerbone  Putty & Gel)

Requires no mixing. Pre-loaded in a convenient applicator, syringe ready for direct placement into the defect. Easily molded by hand as needed.