Bonegraft's modern production facilities for production, packaging and R & D, all electronically controlled; ISO-7 (Class 10000) clean room, which is observed in real time 7 days 24 hours, is used for all production parameters like temperature, pressure, air change speed and so on.

All the raw materials and equipment used in production processes are supplied from the highest technologically advanced European and American companies and thus our products are aimed at the highest possible quality.

Our company has TSE certified ISO 13485 quality management system document. Our products carry the CE mark as a Class III Medical Device where the highest level of safety standards are applied in production conditions. Product quality control tests are carried out at reputable universities and test institutions in Turkey and abroad. Testing and validation of our sterilization process is carried out by specialized institutions.

The clean room packaging process is carried out in our own way. All of our products are packed with a special system that can automatically form and seal in our ISO-7 (Class 10000) clean room, specially designed for packaging, thus minimizing the risk of contamination in the process.