Quality Policy

Bonegraf Biological Materials has set the following goals;

  • To comply with national and international standards, legal regulations and follow our system to ensure continuous improvement,
  • Comply with the requirements of EN ISO 13485 quality management standards,
  • To utilise clinical results from operations in which our products have been adopted in ways that will contribute to the health of patients and the sucess of surgeons,
  • Management, by providing the necessary resources; to improve the performance of the processes at every stage of the existing processes, to ensure the efficiency of the system with the participation of our employees,
  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, implementing training that will enhance technical and behavioral competencies,
  • To manufacture products that are sensitive to ethical values, the environment and the community,
  • Providing fast, reliable and quality products to our customers,
  • Do not produce ethical values, environmentally and collectively sensitive products,
  • To enhance mutual relations by satisfying all of our customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders,
  • To develop valuable products and technologies for human health, to manufacture these products within the most appropriate parameters and to validate these products under the best clinical testing conditions,

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